The character and rich details make the Classic Collection of Orient appreciated by collectors all over the world and that is why Orient Classic resists the test of time.
The Orient Classic collection, as the name already means, is inspired by an aesthetic style aimed at the classicism of vintage watches. It is designed and built with an eye to the past and a look towards the future.
The classic theme is well taken from the regular and essential lines of the design that seems almost to remember the style of the pocket watches of the early twentieth century.
Simple clocks but with elegant details that are mainly adapted to those men who are looking for a wrist accessory with a traditional but contemporary style that can be worn at work or during an important dinner, but also for those who are looking of a class option in view of an important appointment.And indeed, the classic appearance of the Orient Classic models, allows each model to be able to conform to an elegant and distinguished clothing giving the look a unique charm.
The Orient Classic series is a line of watches that combines the classic style of over one hundred years of history with the latest production engineering. Although the styles remain the same, in fact, the movements and mechanisms of these watches have undergone changes over time, having to adapt to progress and new and more reliable technologies.
Their linear and decisive appearance makes them extremely easy to read, while the cutting-edge mechanism allows a remarkable precision in operation making these watches unique in their kind and suitable for a dress code worthy of a man with a strong and refined style.

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