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The Orient 3 Star line, derives its name from the three stars applied to compose the crystal word on each model, and was designed and built to provide reliable automatic watches that do not require constant attention but are able to function practically all infinite with little or no maintenance.
This is the strong point of the collection: reliability and durability over time combined with simplicity of design offer a product that is not simply convenient for its structure but also beautiful and stylish to wear.
Most of the models in the line are smaller than 40 mm and use a non-rigid but folded stainless steel strap with an excellent finish.
Although they are not typically underwater watches, they are endowed with a strong water resistance that together with the scratch-resistant glass of the dial give these wrist accessories practicality and effectiveness over time.
The functioning movement is automatic and is the workhorse of the Orient brand that since its establishment has oriented its production towards automatic mechanisms.
The watches signed Orient 3 Star have distinctive characteristics, a linear and refined style. They are made of selected materials, robust and timeless. Their biggest advantage is that they are available at very competitive prices on the market compared to their high quality.
For Orient, every person deserves a wrist accessory that highlights their appearance and personality. That’s why, the brand offers products of the highest quality such as the 3 Star Collection with an excellent quality / price ratio.
For those who love sobriety while remaining elegant, Orient 3 Star is the ideal collection to adopt.