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24 months warranty

The 24-month warranty pursuant to the Consumer Code, DL 206/05, applies to products that present a lack of conformity, provided that the product is used correctly, in accordance with its intended use and as provided in the attached technique documentation. In case of lack of conformity AION TIME S.r.l. will ensure that the product is restored by repairing / replacing or reducing the price until the contract termination. Damage caused by bad or inappropriate use of the product is not covered by warranty. To request assistance, complete the form in this page. Please click on the following link assistance form. In the case of product under warranty, a proof of purchase of the product will be requested by our technical support staff.

What is covered by the warranty

The guarantee covers the case, the movement, the dial, the hands and any metal bracelet. It does not cover the glass, the battery, the straps made of non-metallic material and the scratches caused by everyday use in normal conditions.

Chart of impermeability

waterproof Only Sketches
30 meters/3 ATM/3 BAR . Withstands small amounts of water, such as washing the hands.
50 meters/5 ATM/5 BAR Suitable for the shower.
100 meters/ 10 ATM/ 10 BAR Suitable for swimming and snorkeling.
200 meters/ 20 ATM (plus)/ 20 BAR . Suitable for standard dives.
1000 meters/ 100 ATM/ 100 BAR Suitable for deep dives.
IP67/IP68 Water resistance rating for electronic equipment (e.g. smartwatches and wearables)

The indication of impermeability qualifies a watch when its case is perfectly protected with gaskets, screw closures and other performing systems. Even steam and hot water can be very dangerous because they damage and expand the protective seals of the case.

Definition of “Water resistance”

Water resistance is indicated with the terms Bar (air pressure), ATM (atmospheres) or meters. When is indicate that a watch is waterproof, this is often indicated in meters. Higher the number of meters, more is the waterproof the watch is. But don’t take the number of meters literally! In reality it indicates how much pressure the watch is able to withstand. A watch with a water resistance of 50 meters is not suitable for swimming! (at most the wearer can keep it for showering).A “waterproof” watch, without indicating any depth, is waterproof only at splashing water. If the watch gets wet completely, it should be dried as soon as possible and be taken to a watchmaker for inspection.

Special features of water-resistant watches (for diving)

To create water resistant watches, they are generally assembled with “O” ring seals. To withstand high pressure, the back of the watch is screwed to the case. The crown of the watch and the buttons are equipped with rubber washers and must be tightened to the case after use (screwed crown). Watches suitable for “professional” scuba diving generally have a safety valve.Diving watches are often equipped with a movable frame to help to take the time during a dive. This bezel is intentionally unidirectional to prevent accidental left reset during the dive time.Straps for diving watches are usually made of rubber, resin or stainless steel. The closure is often equipped with an extender that allows you to wear the watch over a wetsuit.


As water resistance can be influenced by different factors such as temperature and pressure, these too should be taken into consideration as the different components of the watch expand differently depending on the materials and the shape. A sudden drop in temperature can cause the components a slight deformation resulting in decreased water resistance and leaks.The most common cause of infiltration is when the watch is suddenly cooled down after being out in the sun. Greater caution is advised with waterproof watches up to 3.5 and 10 barIt is also advisable to be careful with hot water. Hot water from the tap, bathtub or sauna can also cause pressure differences resulting in decreased water resistance and consequently damage movement.It is important to clean the water resistant watch (from 5 atm and higher) with soft water after each dive in the sea. Salt water and sand can corrode the metal and cause friction in the bezel.Attention: Have your watch checked for water resistance by a watchmaker whenever the watch case is opened, for example, to replace the battery.


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