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Worldwide licensee of HEAD watches and official italian distributor of Just Cavalli, ORIENT, ORIENT STAR and Q&Q watches.

Roberto Cavalli is known throughout the world as a master of color and materials. Franck Muller is legendary for his technically demanding operating mechanisms thanks to which he has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best watchmakers in the world. Together, these two industry leaders have done something that no one has ever done before: they have joined forces to jointly create a unique watch collection. For the first time in history, an important fashion house and a world-class watchmaker have used their expertise and imagination to create watches with strong creativity and excellent technique. The collaboration between the two giants has been so successful as to make them accessories much appreciated both by high fashion lovers and by watchmaking enthusiasts.

Since 1988 Just Cavalli represents Cavalli’s young line. And indeed, Just Cavalli watches emerge for their fresh, dynamic and original style lines. For Just Cavalli, the watch is not just a simple accessory, but represents the desire to give sparkle and shine to one’s look, but with simplicity and practicality. Just Cavalli watches are designed and built for young and dynamic minds, always looking for something new. In a Just Cavalli watch, the precision of the functioning mechanisms meets the design and creativity of the Italian designer to create a unique and inimitable wrist accessory.

The wrist watch brand Orient was founded in the early 1950 by an idea of the founder Shogoro Yoshida. Since its origin, the brand has focused on making watches with an automatic mechanism, becoming one of the leading companies operating worldwide in the watch industry. Even when the other production companies began to work with different operating mechanisms, the Orient brand has kept its business philosophy firmly conserving and perfecting the automatic movement within its collections. And indeed, the watches with automatic movement constitute a high percentage of the production of watches, so much so that today, the company can be, without difficulty, considered a leader in the production of mechanical watches. In addiction, the Orient wristwatches are also the only wrist accessories for which the entire design, production and marketing cycle is carried out within the same house of production; this is a symptom of the size and reliability of the brand itself. The Orient watches are appreciated all over the world for their extraordinary quality-price ratio and for the reliable guarantee offered by the company even after sale. All this and more, makes the brand Orient and its watches, number one in the world for reliability and guarantee.


The giant in the world of sportswear takes to the field in the world of watchmaking. Head watches with their robust and linear style are designed for all sports and sports fans in general and can be worn both in the field and in everyday life. In addition to the models with multiple functions, designed to accompany the athletes during training, in fact, we also find collections more properly “lifestyle” in which functionality and sportiness blend perfectly. Head watches are among the company’s key products and have reached very high market positions having obtained high visibility thanks to their use by the best athletes from around the world.


The Q&Q watch brand belongs to the most famous Citizen company and is the largest watch brand sold worldwide. The company philosophy Q&Q is guided by a well-defined mission, that is, offer watches with a very reliable technology at affordable prices for all users. The Q&Q watches use the Myota mechanism that allows durability and reliability to the functioning mechanisms. To the solidity of the functioning mechanisms is added then the wide choice of models and the constant updating of the collections. The entire Q&Q watches line is created for all those who like to control the weather on all occasions with style and elegance.

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