The Head brand has distinguished itself over time in the production of high quality sports equipment that accompanied the successful career of the best athletes in the world. Throughout its history, the brand has also expanded its production through the creation of high-performance watches that were able to accompany sportsmen not only during training but also on important occasions in their life. Sport and sports fans are the brand's main audience and for all sports fans and tennis lovers in particular, the company has launched the limited edition Head Prestige watch. In the late eighties, the brand launched the Prestige Pro tennis racket in to the world market, that gave to the legendary Goran Ivanisevic, Henri Leconte, Thomas Muster and Emilio Sanchez unprecedented precision, touch and power. It was just to celebrate the anniversary of this event that Head designed and created the limited edition Prestige watch collection. The Head Prestige limited edition watches with their combination of high-quality materials, elegant design and precision of mechanism of movement represent an extension of the famous racquet.The models are available in black, blue, green, white and black and red. The operating mechanism is the automatic one so it does not need a battery.Head limited edition watches are extremely reliable and durable. They have water resistance up to 100 meters which makes them ideal for swimming, snorkeling and stainless steel bracelet and case. The attractive and elegant design makes them unique in their kind. All these features undoubtedly make the limited edition Head Prestige watches an accessory worthy of the brand's legendary history.

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