If you are a watches enthusiast, you will surely have heard of the Standard Q&Q collection. The Q&Q Standard watches represent the linear and exemplary collection of the brand, which, since its foundation, has successfully performed in the markets all over the world through the production of watches of the highest quality. Time is one thing everyone adheres to: this is exactly what the Japanese watchmaker has in mind while designing the watches from the Q & Q Standard collection. The lovers of the brand have always obtained great satisfaction from the manufacture and design of the proposed watches. The Q&Q Standard watches collection is a candidate for being the reference model for all the lines launched by the brand. With its simple and essential design, indeed, the collection is dedicated to being a passe-partout for all lovers of watchmaking. They are very popular watches for both men and women and for this reason they represent the ideal accessory to buy and give away. They are watches designed to express strength and solidity and with their unmistakable design they have a classy look and a rigid perspective that is unparalleled in the world of watchmaking. The Q&Q Standard watches infuse the wearer with a sense of satisfaction and serenity. The collection offers a wide range of models suitable for all genres and looks. Beside the linearity and simplicity of the shapes, what determines the specialty of the collection, is the long battery life and the reliability of the operating movements in a combination of style and quality that is unrivaled. Choosing a Q&Q Standard watch means choosing a durable, reliable, beautiful accessory to wear on any occasion but above all it means relying on Q&Q, a company synonymous with quality and quantity all over the world.

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