There is no accessory that has a higher class of wristwatch. The watches are able to outline the profile of the wearer telling their life. The mission of the Q&Q brand is precisely to enrich the daily life of people in the world by offering Japanese watch collections accessible to everyone, reliable and quality. The Fashion line of Q&Q considers the two fundamental factors for those who intend to buy a watch, ie style and utility. Whether you need to use a watch for everyday activities, for work or for formal occasions, Q&Q Fashion watches with their simple, sober but classy lines are the best option. Q&Q Fashion watches are fashionable accessories.The collection has been carefully studied to offer trendy timepieces that are able to bring together the tastes of today with the trends of tomorrow. That's why Q&Q Fashion watches are always up-to-date. An important factor in the collection is the production materials that, next to the Miyota Movement, make Q&Q Fashion watches accessories extremely reliable and durable. What is more striking is the variety of shapes, sizes and colors of the proposed models: round, square or rectangular dials, metal or black or colored leather strap or bracelet.They are also available in black gold plated, two-tone, gold and rosé finishes. The Q & Q Fashion selection is able to satisfy all tastes and styles in for a classy and timeless look.

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