The Head Digital watches line stands out from analogue watches belonging to the same brand as, like the best digital watches on the market, they are equipped with a time measurement system that occurs at precise and seamless intervals. The time marked by Head Digital watches is precise and immediate.The precision in the indication of the time is through a liquid crystal display on which are shown in addition to the time, also a series of information they have.The punctuality of the indications of the timetable and their ability to include advanced and innovative technologies, makes the watches of the Head Digital collection absolutely appreciated in the digital watch market. Head Digital watches thanks to their production materials are very resistant to impact also of high intensity.They have multiple functions. Quartz movement, light, stopwatch, alarm clock, timer, lap timer, world time zones, tread, heart rate monitor. However, high precision and high-performance functions are not the only feature that makes Head's Digital line unique.The diversity of the proposed models, indeed, represents the strong point of the collection, which makes it wearable to all styles and personalities. Head Digital watches express the sporting and avant-garde philosophy of the manufacturer, which has always been committed to fulfilling the desires of the best sportsmen in the world.The models in the collection have important and decisive lines with a large dial and rubber strap, resin case and acrylic glass. The style of Head Digital watches is designed to feel at ease on all occasions: no matter whether it's free time or a sports competition, wearing a Head Digital, you are always ready to face the most important shot, that is, daily life with the multiple challenges it sets before it.

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